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William Turner, Esq.


Emory University; Atlanta, Georgia, B.A. 1966


Emory University, JD Degree (1969 ); President, Student Bar Association,
Editor of Law Review.
Class Marshall for Graduation
Legal Aid for Inmates, Drafted with Fred Ajax, and Professor Bruce Jacobs,
(Guideon v. Wainwright) brief before United States Supreme Court resulting
in landmark Habeas Corpus decision, Kaufman v. United States, 394 U.S 217
1969 after Hearing before the Court.
Georgetown University Law School, LLM (1971)
Master of Trial Laws, (1971) (Scholarship)
E. Barrett Prettyman Fellow, Georgetown University Law School, 1969 - 1971


United States Securities and Exchange Commission Trial Attorney, 1971 -1975.
Special Assistant United States Attorney for District of Nevada, 1971-1975.
Special Attorney assigned as Investigator with United States Senate Watergate Committee, (1972 -1974) Bebe Rebozo / Howard Hughes / Richard Nixon Investigation.
Assistant United States Attorney, Chief Civil Division (1975- 1987) (Criminal and Civil Practice).
Private Practice, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice; Complex
Commercial, 1987-1994.
Managing Attorney, William C. Turner and Associates and Turner and Riddle, 1994-2005, Personal Injury, Commercial, and Construction Defect, Mediation and Arbitration.
William C. Turner, Esq, Mediation and Dispute Resolution, Inc., Special Master, Pro-Tem Judge , Settlement Judge, Arbitrator and Mediator, 2005 to Present.

Construction 55 % of Private Arbitrations and Mediations;
Business Disputes, Real Estate Contractual Disputes 30%
Special Master, Construction Defect 8th Judicial District 2007-2011
Private Discovery Special Master
Special Master, Dispute Resolution Board , City Center Project (2005-2010)
IBEW Neutral Chair under 3.13(b) of the Inside Construction Agreement with NECA
AAA Fact Finder Panel for Corporate Internal Investigation Requests
Pro-Tem Judge, Justice of the Peace and Municipal Court, Henderson, Nevada
Short Jury Trial Judge, EJDC (2002-2011)
Statutory Mediator, EJDC (2005-2008) (Program Began 2005);drafted new Mediation
Rules for Nevada District Courts as Chair of Second Short Trial Commission
Statutory Arbitrator EJDC (1994 -2007)
Appellate Supreme Court (Mediation) Settlement Judge (1997-2011)
Private Discovery Master
Private Mediator and Arbitrator; extensive experience in complex business, real estate and construction disputes
Chair or Officer of Alternative Dispute Resolution Section State Bar (2000-2011)
Appointed Chair of First and Second Short Trial Commission by Nev. Supreme Court
Bench and Bar Committee and Committee regarding Mandatory Settlement Programs
Appointed Chair of Advertising Commission on Lawyers Advertising by Nevada Supreme Court, 2005 to 2007; Testified before the Nevada Supreme Court regarding the same.
Elected to Nevada State Bar Board of Governors, 4 Terms, 2000-2008.
ABA “TIPS” Leadership Committee
Mediator and Arbitrator for the Nevada Real Estate Board
Mediator and Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association, Chair
Mediator and Arbitrator for the Finra
Medical Legal Screening Panel 1993 to 1998
Mediator Federal Post Office ( 2000/2003) Managerial and Union Postal disputes
Mediated and Arbitrated Employment and worker’s comp disputes, and wrongful employment termination cases;
Neutral for IBEW?NECA 2007 2011
AAA DRB Board Chair, MGM City Center Project, Contractual Construction Disputes
2006 -2010
Subcommittee of Bench and Bar with Judge Denton and Commissioner Beecroft working to finalize Uniform Neutral Early Evaluation Settlement Conferences for
all cases over $50,000 ( 2003 -2007)
Special Master, Construction Defect, 2007 through 2010, Eighth Judicial District


The Communiqué: Jurors Approve of the Short Jury Trial Program and Changes in Short Trial and the New Mediation Program, 2002, 2005; The Effects of the Short Trial Program in Nevada on Jury Trials, Nevada State Bar Journal, 2003; Commission on Lawyer Advertising, Communiqué, 2006; Authored Revised “ADR” Chapter 21, Nevada Civil Practice Manual, Publisher, Lexis Nexis, 2006, 2007, 2008; Report on Executive Summary for ADKT on Advertising to Supreme Court; Nevada State Bar Journal,December,2006;Authored Revised UPDATED ADR Chapter 21, Nevada Civil Practice Manual 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009;The Communique :Lawyer Advertising in Nevada :A Sea Change, September,2007;Nevada State Bar Journal, ADR, On The Cutting Edge, September, 2007; Nevada State Bar Journal, A Brief Overview of Evidence in Arbitration, October 2010.
Editor, Chapter 21, ADR Nevada Civil Practice Manual, Lexis /Nexus Publisher

Recently Chaired complex Construction Bridge case claims for $ 60,000,000; ( 24 day arbitration have arbitrated numerous million dollar cases in construction, architecture, business, real estate, contract, personal injury and insurance claims; Arbitrated 44 Day Construction/architectural design claim for Las Vegas Lakes Project
Testified before the Nevada Legislature re proposed changes to the Nevada Rules on Arbitration; 2001.
Dispute Mediator/Master for Expert Deposition of Expert, Reno, 2007
Participated in Carson City Nevada ,2003 Legislature on Construction Defect Rules regarding the “Right to Repair, Chapter 40.
Have taught numerous CLE courses for Nevada State Bar and for Clark County Bar Association and others involving Mediation, Arbitration and Complex Mediation and Arbitration; taught IBEW mediation with American Arbitration Association
Have taught numerous courses on Mediation and Arbitration, complex litigation, personal injury, construction defect, appellate mediation, real estate, homeowner’s disputes, contract and construction contract disputes and commercial transactions.
Taught Trial courses for 25 years; Training and Advanced Training at Boulder Colorado by Nita ( National Institute of Trial Advocacy);Taught Nita nationally, In House; Emory Law School, Department of Justice. Washington D.C. 1980-2006; Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, California; Loyola Law School, New Orleans, Louisiana
Taught Changes in Nevada Lawyer’s Advertising Rules, UNLV, April 2008
Have received Advanced Training for Mediation and Training as Chair by American Arbitration Association and by NASD.
Certified to act as mediator and arbitrator as well as Chair for complex commercial litigation and construction litigation by American Arbitration Association.
Mediated, Arbitrated and litigated numerous cases involving probate, personal injury multimillion dollar trucking accidents and injuries with preexisting trauma. Reviewed as Managing Attorney 600 to 750 cases involving personal injury and construction defect a year for 11 years.
Mediated and Arbitrated over 1500 cases (1988-2011) many valued above a million dollars involving probate business disputes, wrongful death, construction defect , construction completion, subcontract disputes, architectural , employment, labor, franchise, contract, real estate, medical malpractice, commercial, transactional, personal injury, homeowners and other types of cases in litigation.
Mediated Labor/Employment Disputes for United States Post Office.
Mediated numerous cases involving Worker’s Compensation Cases.
Mediated Franchise cases
Mediated Medical malpractice cases; Sat on the Medical Legal Screening Panel for State of Nevada
Mediated numerous cases involving alleged insurance fraud.1988-1992.

Selected by Peer Review as Outstanding Mediator and Arbitrator, State of Nevada Super Lawyer Publisher, Mountain West Region, and Corporate, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (one of five Nevada Mediator and Arbitrators so selected
Awarded Corporate National Community Service Award for Community Service 2002.
Award to County for Short Trial and Mediation Program, National Association of Counties
Short Trial Award, Winner of Better Government Competition Award, 2006, Pioneer Institute for Public Policy, Boston.
Commendation by William Webster, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Prosecution of Money Laundering and Organized Crime Case.
Commendation by Inspector General, Health and Human Services. Prosecution of
National Insurance Fraud Conspiracy case ($50,000,000) Mildred Miller
Publicly cited for help in Watergate Investigation by Senate Watergate Committee
In its Final Report, Chapter 4, Hughes/Rebozo Investigation.
Commendation by Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice for investigation and indictment of Howard R. Hughes and others for stock manipulation in the Acquisition of an Air West Airlines
Cited in Newsweek Magazine Jan 7th 1974, “National Affairs” Section.
Investigation cited in Money and Power, 2003
Cited for prosecution of two criminal cases in “Empire” 1979
Cited in Close to Hughes 2001
Cited in The Nye County Brothel Wars 1985
Awarded a National Fellowship to Georgetown Law School, E. Barrett Prettyman Fellow 1969, Master of Trial Laws (1971
Referred to in criminal investigation of Los Angeles Burglary involving Glomar Explorer


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