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ADR Services, Inc. is a full service dispute resolution provider. The Company has developed a comprehensive set of rules and procedures to facilitate the arbitration process. With our knowledgeable, fair and impartial panel, coupled with our competitive rates, friendly staff and flexible administration, we are the counsel's choice for arbitration.

In order to assist counsel in setting up arbitrations, below are several links. Please be advised that the information provided does not constitute legal advice provided by ADR Services, Inc., it's employees or contractors. Non-represented parties are encouraged to seek independent counsel for assistance in arbitration matters.

Arbitration Provision - This is a standard pre-dispute arbitration provision to be utilized in boilerplate or form agreements. This clause is often modified to meet the needs of the drafting party(ies).

Stipulation to Arbitrate - This form is used to stay judicial proceedings pending the outcome of an arbitration. To initiate an arbitration, please send a copy of this stipulation to ADR Services, Inc. along with a $300 Initial Filing Fee.

Demand for Arbitration - A Demand for Arbitration must be properly filed to initiate an arbitration pursuant to a pre-dispute agreement to arbitrate. The process occurs as follows:

  1. A completed Demand for Arbitration must be served by the Claimant upon the Respondent (or Respondent's counsel) along with a copy of the agreement or form that contains the agreement to arbitrate. It is recommended that certified or registered mail be used to verify receipt.
  2. A copy of the completed Demand for Arbitration along with a copy of the agreement to arbitrate should be simultaneously sent to ADR Services, Inc. along with a $300 Initial Filing Fee.
  3. ADR Services, Inc. will verify the information provided and will send out a letter acknowledging receipt of the Demand for Arbitration and will instruct the Respondent(s) that there is an opportunity to respond to the Demand. The letter will further identify other procedural aspects governing the arbitration process.

ADR Services Arbitration Rules - ADR Services, Inc. has developed a comprehensive set of rules to help guide the arbitration process. These rules will be utilized in every instance where another set of rules has not been named in the arbitration agreement or stipulation. In instances where another set of rules or codes is named, these rules shall serve to supplement the designated rules wherever said designated rules are silent.

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